Lindy Liggett
product designer

I design, make, and teach

I've learned some skills along the way

Mechanical Design


Rapid Prototyping



Graphic Design

Thanks for checking out my portfolio site! Take a look at my projects page to see some of my work, or my skills page to see some of the tools I use.

Here's a little bit about me

My name is Lindy Liggett, I'm a mechanical engineer and product designer. I received my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at USC, worked at Hewlett-Packard making inkjet printers, and recently finished my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Right now I'm figuring out where to go next. When I'm not CADing, coding, or playing with lasers, I run a Bachelor(ette) Fantasy League which is exactly what it sounds like. I love to craft and sew, but my roots are in digital fabrication. My favorite tool is the vinyl cutter.

This photo of me was taken in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I was there helping my advisor with a teaching workshop, and we were playing an html-based Jeopardy Game I had written for another class. The night before, I had stayed up til about 3am putting together a 5' tall blue foam camel that I had brought from the US in pieces in a huge suitcase. I think this picture represents my time in grad school well: coding, teaching, making, staying up too late.

This site has pages for my projects, explains my skills, and talks in more detail about my academic and work experience. Take a look around and contact me with any questions. Thanks!